Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthday Fun

We spent Conference weekend this year in Utah with family. My parents and Loren and Jill were able to come as well, and we all met up at Duncan and Liz's house in Farmington. We had great food, thanks to Liz, and a fun double birthday party for Mya and Ginny, thanks to Liz, and a lot of laughs, at the expense of Liz. Just kidding. Had to throw Liz in there one more time. The party was a Pinkalicious theme, based on one of Mya's favorite books. The decorations and food were mostly pink, but there was a jar of green candies on the party table to cure people who were getting too sick of pink (funny, huh?). The birthday girls got crowns and princess wands, also courtesy of Liz. It was darling!

Mya is 2 and Ginny is 1!

I didn't take many pictures of our weekend -- I didn't get any of the family. That was dumb. But I thought I'd take a minute to write down some of the milestones Ginny has met as a one-year-old. She weighed in slightly over 20 pounds at her one-year checkup, allowing her to move up in the carseat world to front-facing! We are all happier because of it. She and Mikey can look at and play with each other a little better during car trips now that they're both front-facing. Ginny walks like a pro, gets into everything, and can even go uphill and downhill quite well. She claps her hands whenever she hears the words "Yay!" or "Patty cake." She likes to try to dress herself. When she sees an article of clothing, she picks it up and puts it over her head like she's pulling on a t-shirt. She even tries to put on her own shoes sometimes. She is getting a better attention span for reading books, and loves to turn the pages, usually a little too quickly for me to read all the words on the page. She has FOUR teeth now, all of which broke through between 11 months and 1 year. (We've had some crankiness issues from the teething.) She is learning some more words. Her first word was "hi" which she learned around 11 months (as well as sign language for "milk"), and now she has added "uh-oh", "bye-bye", "mom", "dada", and she is attempting "Mikey" which sounds like "Ma-nah" right now. She sings along with us sometimes in church. She likes to give kisses, and absolutely melts our hearts when she cuddles with us in the mornings or after naps. She is an absolute joy and Kevin and I regularly remark about how much we love having a daughter.

 The food table. Liz did awesome, huh?

 Ginny's favorite present: tissue paper.

More decor

 The cousins

Ginny got a second birthday party that weekend at Nana and Papa's house. Cheryl had birthday cupcakes for Ginny, which was nice since I never made Ginny a birthday cake. Every baby needs to get to smear cake all over her face on her first birthday, right?






cake :)


The Foys said...

Oh I've loved all the recent posts! How cute are your kids?! Oh I want to squeeze them both. I can't wait until I finally get to meet them and our kids get to play together!

Tima said...

Jamie!!! I love ya, and your birthday is coming up on the 23rd so Happy Birthday!! :) I cancelled my fb and got bored, and I'm back on so I'll have to add all my VJO girls back to my fb life. The kids are adorable!! Your little one is so cute, last I saw her was an ultrasound pic (I think!) so yeah it's been forever ago.